Saturday, April 16, 2005

Research and Development

Hello there! While you're waiting for the tutorial on circles and flairs, I figured I'd post up some pics of my current training, simply because it's been too long. So here for your reading pleasure, is my progress...

The first big thing to announce is that I'm working the one arm chins again. I can crank one if my arm is slightly bent, but I'd like to be able to pull one (and eventually many) from a complete dead hang.

I got back into this skill with some heavy two arm chins. Heavy meaning, building up to 150% bodyweight. And I hope to continue to up that weight. I keep the reps low, no more than 5 a set generally, for the sake of my elbows. I'll end up a session with some lockoffs and negatives with the heaviest weight. This helps finish up things when I can't pull up with the weight anymore. I'll also give myself a good day or two of rest inbetween sessions to let myself recup properly.

Next, the progress that I'm most excited about is my one arm handstand. I've been trying to work this everyday for short sets. This plan has helped tremendously.

As far as technique, I've started to focus on really pressing my supporting shoulder out (just like a regular handstand), keeping my body very, very tight, and most importantly - lifting the other hand up slooooowwwwllllyyyy. If you whip that hand off the floor too fast, you'll just throw yourself out of balance from the very beginning. In addition, I'll often try to hold myself up on one hand for as long as possible, while the fingers of my other hand just barely brush and touch the floor for balance.

I've tried the skill with legs together and split. Splitting the legs lowers my center of gravity slighty, and helps to balance a bit - especially at the end of the set when I'm tired.

For the first time, I feel I can slightly control my one arm handstand balance. Like I said, I'm excited.

I snapped this next shot, because I thought it looked good with the picture on the wall... haha...

The planche is moving forward, slowly but surely. Here's a pic of my one legged plance on the parallettes. I'm trying to straighten the bent leg out slowly, bit by bit. It's going to take some time though.

The position on the ground feels much stronger now. It use to be hard to hit anything close to this on the ground, but now I don't need the extra deathgrip on the parallettes to pull it off.

I'm not too concerned with the elevated butt/crooked body right now, since it's a bit difficult to line things up with one leg out and one leg in. On the ground especially, I feel like I'm going to knock my knee. As I build up the strength in my shoulders, the legs will straighten out and I'll be able to level myself off, and my shoulders are definitely getting stronger.

The main exercise I've been doing recently is planche pushups with my feet on a chair. I find it very important to really lean as far as possible and get into the planche position at the top of the rep.

I've been adding weight to this exercise by throwing some plates in a backpack and putting the whole thing on my back. This exercise is great work for the front of the shoulders and chest. I feel like I've been making good steps by combining this with static planche holds.

Finally, I've been playing around with the wide handstand a bit. Balance is particularly tricky because the hands are turned 90 degrees from a normal handstand.

The one problem with training this is that I run out of floorspace quickly as I begin to move my hands outwards!

Working something like this seems like a good way to get yourself ready for the inverted cross. And now that the weather is getting warmer and the daylight longer, I'll be taking my rings to the local playground and working on both the iron and inverted crosses.

So that's what's been keeping me busy for the past several weeks. This is the part of the training where I've got to grind away at the skills. I mean, I'm still reaching goals and making progress, but there won't be some incredible day when I jump up into a new skill for some time now.

Onward and upward! Good luck to everyone with their training!


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