Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A Video! and more chair handstands...

I was able to make this quick video of myself demonstrating and briefly explaining the chair handstand. The video is grainy, the sound is iffy, and my ad-libbing leaves something to be desired, but it should clarify the entire process I outlined in my last post.

(size 20.8 mb)

Due to the way in which I'm hosting this video, it'll only be available for one week. If you really want to see the video after that time, just shoot me an e-mail.

This next picture is a shot of me doing a chair handstand on a "high stack". It's just three chairs stacked on top of each other. I'd only try this trick with those particular chairs, because they are identical, sturdy, and have flat tops and bottoms.

And despite what every single spectator said, they are not held together in any way. Oh yee of little faith...

I hope this shows that the chair handstand - and perhaps any skill I mention on this page - is as much a matter of mental control as physical. There's really no difference between a handstand on a high stack and one on the ground. Only your mind makes the distinction and creates the fear.

This next picture is a skill called "the illusion". I tried to describe it in a previous post, but this picture will do a better job explaining. It's what I'm doing in my profile pic (the pics are same event, a year apart).

It's easy to see that my left hand has a straight shot to the ground, so that the seat of that top chair is completely unnecessary. If you want to give this a shot, start by putting another chair under the front legs of the top one, then work on tilting the top chair off that support chair. Or better yet, ask me. I won't throw up anymore about the illusion unless there's demand for it.

Whatever you do, do not... please do not try the illusion unless your regular chair handstand is spot on perfect. Another chair and two more feet in height can really hurt you in a fall.

And finally... the double illusion. You can see the idea of the single illusion taken to another level (literally!). I'm the top dude on the left side.

I've seen pictures of professional performing groups have 7 or 8 people in one of these illusion poses. They make the chairs smaller as you get to the top, and the lean is greater to fit everyone in. It looks pretty amazing!

Whew, that's enough chair handstands for awhile now. I'll make another post regarding my training progression in a day or two. I also hope to put together a few more tutorials soon. Good luck to everyone with their training.


Blogger danchanmagic.com said...

Nice chair handstands. Do you do a show? I noticed the stay on balance stay drug free? Let me know if you're ever in SF.

12:08 AM  
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