Monday, December 06, 2004

The Planche, part 2

Posted my tuck planche pic (seen below) up on the Dragondoor forum. A much better response than I anticipated!! I got "excellent progress" "nice!" and "I'm envious".

This type of strength training tends to keep me to myself, so I think I lose a bit of perspective as to my progress. I have come a long way!! But I know I've still got a ways to go. The challenge is the appeal for me. Setting an impossible goal and reaching it. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it...

On the hand strength front, I've started up another cycle of KTA training, or Kinney Training Applied. It's a workout plan developed after Joe Kinney's training methods. Joe was the first man on earth to close the Ironmind #4 gripper. It takes an estimated 365 pounds of force to close that #4 gripper. I have one. . . . it feels like a brick. I can currently close the #2 gripper, or about 195lbs of force.

These grippers are heavy duty. The approx. strength of each is as follows:
Trainer - 100lbs
#1 - 140lbs
#2 - 195lbs
#3 - 280lbs
#4 - 365lbs

They can all be purchased at There's even a "guide" and "sport" gripper which take about 60 and 80 lbs to close, respectively.

With the KTA I'm planning on closing the #3 sometime next year. Quite reasonable, I think.


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