Sunday, December 05, 2004


Someone posted a planche challenge up on the Dragon Door Training Forum. He was working towards a planche, hadn't seen too many planche pictures, and thought posting some progress pics would be just the thing to kick him along.

I was game for this, as I've been working towards the planche and could use a bit of competition in the matter. So here is my current state of planche training.

It's called the "advanced tuck planche" and the defining characteristic is my flattened back. Once I can hold this for a fair amount of time (30 some secs) I can start to extend my legs into a straddle planche.

I've also lowered down into a straddle planche on some parallettes before, but this felt like maximal effort (as my eyes were about to explode) and not useful at this state for training. I'll be working the advanced tuck for the time being.

We'll all be in this to motivate each other and eventually hit a planche. Even in such a seemingly individual pursuit, teamwork still has its place.

OAP update
Cranked some dead hangs one arm chins with just my other pinky finger over the bar for assistance. Also did the same thing with my ring finger, which the girlfriend informs me is even weaker. This was on friday. Saturday I went to my favorite hole in the wall to work out and ran into my buddy Jeff. We jumped up on the bar and hit some one arm chins with a small hop.

I'm telling you, it's only a matter of time now. Those little hop one arm chins were cake. I would catch the bar with only the slightest of bends in my arm. I think it's merely the fact that I'm moving and have that initial momentum that makes the skill easier than the one arm dead hang chin.

Anyways, I was rewarded with my back to back OAP training with a tendon flare-up in my elbows. Damn I need to stop working them two consecutive days!! Today is a rest day, and monday will be some running, so my arms will have plenty of time to recuperate.


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