Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Home Gymnastics and The Front Lever

My front lever isn't that good at this moment in time, so I was happy to grab the doorframe the other day and hit this:

And from the other angle it looks like this:

I've got to chalk this up to my slightly bent arms though, because my front lever on a pullup bar with straigher arms isn't quite this strong yet. Regardless of that all, it was a fun skill to grip the doorframe and hover horizontally in my kitchen for a bit.

And while we're on the subject of front levers, how about some pics for inspiration?

In this first one, we've got Brad Johnson working a one arm front lever. He has a kettlebell in his one hand, what weight I can't recall. When I get around to pulling some pictures off of videos, I'll post up a front lever of his that he performs on some ceiling rafters. Absolutely amazing hand and body strength!!

And this second picture is the from another person who inspires me, John Gill.
Here is his classic one arm lever picture:

The front lever is actually rated the same difficulty as the iron cross in gymnastics, but it doesn't get nearly as much pomp and circumstance as its brother. Despite that, it's still a fun skill to work at and as you can see from my pictures above, can be performed around the house.

If you haven't seen it already, Coach Sommer has an excellent progression for the front lever here. (Planche training too!)


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