Monday, November 22, 2004

Work hard, work smart

"Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect."

- Vince Lombardi

So here are two skills that I'd like to master.

The Front Lever
front lever


The Planche

I'm getting close to the front lever, but the planche is still down the road. Especially one as technically perfect as that one ol' Blaine is showing. Regardless of the difficulty of the skill, or how close I am to performing it, I keep two things in mind. This is to work hard, and to work smart.

You've got to give it your all each time you practice. When you make excuses, you're only letting yourself down. I know it sounds like I'm about to ask you to win one for the gipper, especially after the Lombardi quote, but some need a reminder, or swift kick in the butt to stop slacking.

The second part is equally as important. Working smart.

All the motivation and desire in the world isn't going to get you the strength you're seeking if you go and train incorrectly or inefficiently. It's this reason that research is an important part of my training. Insanity is often defined as performing the same action twice and expecting a different result. So if you're training for a certain skill and don't seem to be progressing, then continuing that training is insane.

Even when I'm progressing nicely on a skill, I'll still research it tirelessly. Each new piece of training information I find may help me train more efficiently. It may give me new and better drills to perform, or give insight into proper muscle application and strength. Even rereading previously gathered material can prove to be helpful. I try to wrap my mind around every detail. This is what some may call obsessive, but I merely call being thorough.

I wrote this entry because working smarter recently paid off. Rereading an article regarding the front lever gave me new, rarely mentioned, insight into the muscle tension in a front lever (and iron cross as well).

And today while researching, I found more information for planche training. I feel like I've been through ever resource out there for planche training, but I was still able to find some helpful information.

Every little bit helps. So give 100% each work out, but work smart to make sure that 100% is not going to waste.


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