Saturday, November 20, 2004

My Profile Pic

Me upsidedown

Here's a better shot of my profile picture. This is yours truly doing a handstand on two chairs on the grassy mall of UMCP. It was posted in the school newspaper. Very cool.

I'm performing the "illusion" with these two chairs. What this means is if the editor had kept a few more inches at the bottom of the picture, you'd see the front legs of the left chair "floating" in the air. The weight of my left arm is going down through the back of the left (top) chair, into the front legs of the right (bottom) chair. The setup makes the front of the left chair superfluous. I'll post up a clearer picture sometime, instead of confusing everyone with a description. And if I can dig it up, I'll post up a "double illusion". Ooooo Aaaaaa

Yeah, it's no David Copperfield (fortunately), but the most common response from onlookers is "they must be stuck together". Ah, you non-believers.


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