Friday, November 19, 2004

Grip and Bench

Tested my grip and bench today, two things that have been put on the back burner.

The grip is still strong, as I was still able to close my #2 gripper this morning. I'm thinking of starting another week or two of KTA training and really mastering the gripper. It's perfectly reasonable to believe I can mash the #3 gripper sometime next year and get the title "Captain of Crush". Hell yes, that's going on my resume!!

Of course, once I'm at that point, my old gymnastics coach will have all the more reason to call me "Bearpaws", and my coworker will probably complain even more when I shake his dead fish of a hand. (I'm not squeezing hard! honest!)

Laid down for some sets on the barbell bench press. I've been working the dumbbell press for a good length of time, so I was interested in seeing what the numbers would be under the bar. While I wasn't disappointed, I still see that I've got room for improvement. A double bodyweight bench would be phenominal, certainly a beast skill, but I'll take baby steps back into this one and try to hit around 155% of my bodyweight for the time being.

I was very happy when I was able to work on and improve my weak squat, so I'll be working hard to have the same success with the bench.

Poor sleep last night on account of a company party and visit afterwards to my sister's. Poor nutrition this morning as I ate breakfast on the run, a substandard purchased lunch, and grabbed a quick snack before working out. Not one of the strongest days then, so I'm optimistic to see how the bench feels on a better rested day. Until then, it's research time for a good bench program.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a good bench program look into westside barbell and diablo barbell. Westside basically will work strength (ME) on one day and speed (DE) on the other day. They also have other "assistance" exercises but your other training can sub for that (for the most part).

Diablo's different in that they will work the top part of the bench press (mainly triceps) and the bottom part (chest/front delts) on different sessions.

Love the site man, definitely my secret weapon.

1:59 PM  

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