Thursday, November 11, 2004

Getting Back on the Road

Four years I ran in high school
Three seasons per year
Twelve total seasons of running
Yet thanks to certain coaches, I became soured to the whole idea by the time I graduated. I took off the shoes and put them away.

Well, the five year break is over now. I bought myself a pair of running shoes a few weeks ago and have been hitting the road a couple times a week.

Holy crap, I'm out of shape... running shape.

But this will give me better endurance and maybe even drop a pound or two, which is always helpful when you're working for bodyweight feats. And besides, it's always good to strive for good all-round fitness. There's nothing sadder than watch a guy (who can lift a mountain of weights) get winded running a lap on a track.

So I went running tonight and remembered how much I enjoy it. Listening to my rhythmic breathing becomes a form of meditation. I can gather my thoughts or just clear my mind.

It's not the same on a treadmill. When I'm on one, I just feel like I'm keeping up, not actually running. Everything feels too controlled. But out on the road, I control everything. Master of it all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:03 PM  

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