Sunday, November 14, 2004

El fin de semana

Headed back up to the parents house for my dad's birthday this weekend. Lots of fun the whole time. Even got in some light planche work, in addition to the handstands I randomly throw about the house. No, this is not odd behavior for me ... par for the course, really.

Some swiss ball work before I head to bed tonight, as well as one arm lever work and training experimentation. I seem to be progressing well with the OAL, but don't practice it on a consistent basis to nail it down quicker. I've been too focused on other skills recently, the one arm chin for one.

On that note, there's no quicker way to slowed progress and frustration as trying to train for 100 different skills at once. You'll start crawling at a snail's pace for each one, and rack your brain trying to find time for it all.

Picking just a few strength skills helps one keep focused and stay motivated with quicker accomplished goals. I'm speaking from experience on this one, as I've had to consciously cut down to two or three skills to work on at a time. Anything else is just greedy >:-)


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