Wednesday, November 10, 2004

5 pounds

I worked the one arm chinup on my home pullup bar tonight. With my cheap assistance set up, I was able to see tonight that I'm only 5 pounds away.

just 5 pounds.... oh man oh man oh man.

Only with my left arm though. The right still needs about 15lbs of assistance. I figure these differences are normal for a skill like this. And a 10 pound differential really isn't much at all. If I was pulling a 30lb differential between arms, then it's time to get outside more. *whistle*

I've been told that as I get closer and closer to the one arm chin, to relax and take it easy to prevent injury. I'm happy to report that I have been taking it slow and careful. The one arm chin is murder on the elbows and shoulders if you perform too many reps. So I've been keeping the rep count very low and giving it plenty of rest. If I feel any throbbing in the elbow (onset of tendonitis) then I give it a solid day or two until it subsides. No problems at all.

On another note, anyone who lifts weights should be working the squat as well. If your knees and back are healthy, then get yourself under the bar. Where I work out, I see too many healthy college kids sit down on the leg press and work with weights I could military press overhead. So kids remember, quit being a baby and do your squats.

I've been working a 20-rep squat routine for the past couple weeks; adding 5 pounds each workout. You can read about THE 20-rep routine in this book Super Squats. I'm embarassed to say I haven't read the book for the exact routine, but I've read more than enough about it to start it up. It involves one set of squats for 20-reps. This will whup your butt. I've heard the book also asks you to drink an inordinate amount of milk. This gives the 20-rep routine its other name, the "Squats and Milk" routine. It's all supposed to add a lot of strength and size. Personally, I wasn't looking to gain 30+ pounds (of fat), so I didn't up my calories substantially, just continued my healty eating.


Working 20 reps works. I loaded some big wheels on the bar and rock bottomed it last night. Felt great. Felt light. After you crank through several workouts of 20-rep squats, a single effort for high weight feels like nothing. I surprised myself.


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