Sunday, November 28, 2004

10 pounds of Turkey

After that Thanksgiving weekend, I've got about 10 more pounds to hoss (heave and toss) around now. These bodyweight exercises might feel harder for the next week or so, heh heh.

Last Monday was one arm chin work and I got both arms down to 10 pounds of assistance. My left arm is able to pull with 5 lbs of assistance, but I dropped back to 10lbs so each arm would be worked evenly.

Worked several single reps with the one arm chin. Eventually increasing assistance until I was pulling up with 25lbs assistance. Finished with some explosive two arm chins and pulls. Going through the range of motion complete, but fast, seems to help generate more power in my pulls.

The elbows were aching after that workout, onset of tendonitis like I've mentioned before, but a good night's sleep and rest from chins and I'm back to 100% in a day. This stage of training has me stepping right up to the line of overtraining and then knowing when to back down and recuperate. So far, so good. More one arm chin work tonight.

Some planche training yesterday was very good. I used a pair of 15lb dumbbells as floor handles so that my hand were grabbing the db handles, instead of splayed out on the floor. The wrists weren't taking the brunt of training. Worked very well. I'm going to start training that way more often.


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